Banksy HAPPY CHOPPERS Streetpiece in Auction


Aerosol stencil on board
Stencil signed „Banksy“ lower right
42 by 23 1/2 inches


Accompanied by a Steve Lazarides signed letter of authenticity

An aerosol stencil depicting a squadron of armed military helicopters with the lead “chopper” dressed in a pink bow. Signed by Banksy using a multi-colored layered font. This board originally was used to prevent the public from accessing a construction site in Central London at the Whitecross Street Market in 2002. This street work is an early example of Banksy’s helicopter motif, an image constructed to magnify contradiction. The pink bow sits lightly upon the fighter aircraft making a mockery of their masculinity while also highlighting their inherent danger. This added decoration forces the viewer to question the helicopter’s innocence which becomes even more ambiguous when dressed up in a girly pink bow. Used on both protest pickets and public walls, Banksy has revisited the Happy Chopper image numerous times and it has since become an iconic part of his repertoire.

Estimate: $100,000 – $150,000

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